Daniel Hancock

My Mission

To dedicate my body and soul to the stories of characters that have, are, and will be written; sharing their struggle through my effort to give them life and justice. My primary drive is to share my love for the craft with anyone and everyone who will open their minds and ears to the tales I am ever so lucky to tell.


Who is Daniel?

Daniel is an “endearingly psychotic” Australian/English/American actor currently based in NYC. He was born in Brisbane, Australia, where he lived 12 years before moving to Houston, Texas. It is here that he fell in love with the stage during his first performance as “Simon Cowell” in “Fairyland Idol”. Throughout middle school, the interest grew and he attended Episcopal High School in Texas with a primary focus on theatre education and performance. As the years of performing went on Daniel’s theatrical interests expanded and he went on to compete in the English Speaking Unions National Shakespeare Competition as the Houston city-wide winner, then as the Texas branch winner and finally as a national Semi-finalist. After performing selections from Hamlet at the Lincoln Center and falling in love with New York, Daniel decided to take the next step down the path of the actor, by attending the NYU Tisch Drama program and studying at the Atlantic Acting School for 3 years. Along with this, Daniel has been training with David Brimmer and Dan O’Driscoll on becoming a certified combatant with the SAFD. Daniel has a strong admiration for the works of William Shakespeare, any evil/crazy character as well as a blossoming interest in the world of voiceover.


Why I Act

The reason I became an actor is simple, at least to me. It is because i just can not see myself doing anything else. There is a special feeling I get on stage or behind the camera, it is this feeling of positive uncertainty and a child-like freedom that cant be matched to me through any other profession. I have always been the odd one out in my family, my father is a molecular biologist, my mother is a cardiologist, my brother is a chemical engineer, and then there's me. Everyone in my family has a very stable and a very important career, but I am different. I’m not concerned with living a luxurious life of wealth and fame (not that i’d turn it down but its not my focus). I just want to be happy doing what i love, rather than trading my passion and desire for stability. I do not want to lead a life that I will regret later because I didn’t follow my dreams. This is my dream, this is my heart, and I will continue to do what I love whether it be for better or worse.